About Elizabeth Gumb

Elizabeth Gumb, Personal Stylist. Charleston South Carolina.



What we wear - our Personal Style - is so much a part of who we are, what we say to the world, and an image of how we feel. As we grow and change in life, so does our style. Often in this fast-paced world, we lose sight of what our style is and how to get it back. As a mother of three, I understand how chaotic life can be and how your style can take a backseat as we drive through life.

Having helped friends and family dress for events and pack for trips over the years, I’ve been able to turn my love of dressing-up into a beloved career. I have a natural ability to help you figure out what your style is and what you should be wearing.

Specializing in wardrobe consulting, personal styling, organizing, and personal shopping, I will work with you in your closet to hone in on your own unique, personal style. Forgoing trends and rules, I will help you edit out pieces that no longer work, breathe new life into the ones that do, and add in any essentials that may be missing.

The end goal? You look beautiful, you radiate confidence, and your closet looks quite nice, too!